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Rehabilitation after COVID-19 and pneumonia

Why is it important

Getting a negative test after COVID-19 does not always mean full recovery. Today there is no doubt about the danger of the so-called post-Covid syndrome. Unfortunately, its course can be latent, without perceived symptoms. The professional help of experienced physicians will help you return to a full, active life. Choose safety!

Why with us?

Effective post-Covid rehabilitation programs, a harmonious team of experienced physicians of different fields, modern equipment for ReOxy (oxygen therapy for body recovery).

Why is it convenient?

We have developed a comprehensive recovery program, which includes correcting the work of many organs and systems that suffer after going through a coronavirus infection. A quick return to active life is possible applying an outpatient course of treatment.

Contact AirDOC for qualified assistance and return to a fulfilling life

  • Recovery after pneumonia and COVID-19 according to international evidence-based protocols

  • Consultations of leading immunologists and pulmonologists of Ukraine, experts in restorative medicine and rehabilitation

  • Modern hardware techniques guaranteeing fast results

  • Special gentle programs for rehabilitation after severe forms of coronavirus infection

After a coronavirus infection, especially if pneumonia has developed against its background, long-term rehabilitation is required in most cases.

Its techniques should be selected individually, taking into account many factors and examination results. Lifestyle correction, pharmaceutical therapy, hardware techniques – we will carefully select a set of measures, taking into account the complaints and the degree of damage to the body after COVID-19.

Be attentive to your condition and do not wait for the problem to “disappear by itself.” The long-term consequences of COVID-19 are not yet studied well enough, but it is obvious that it is very dangerous to ignore the alarming symptoms. Contacting experts in time, you minimize the risks of condition deterioration and the occurrence of irreversible complications, getting support to adjust your lifestyle. Timely help ensures safe return to your normal activities and feel the joy of life.

The most common consequences of COVID-19 requiring rehabilitation

  • arrhythmia, tachycardia, bradycardia

  • pulmonary fibrosis

  • respiratory function impairment

  • dyspepsia

  • constant weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath, decreased performance

  • insomnia or excessive sleepiness

  • blood pressure disorders (hypertension or hypotension)

  • thrombosis

  • heart attack or stroke

  • gastrointestinal function deterioration

Symptoms that require rehabilitation after coronavirus:

  • pain in the chest, under the left shoulder blade;
  • shortness of breath during exercise, walking, active movement. This may be a consequence of pulmonary fibrosis, that is, lung tissue cicatrization, in which the functional volume of the lungs is reduced;
  • fast fatigability. First, you should make an appointment with a therapist who will refer you to a specialized expert;
  • nausea, diarrhea, lack of appetite may indicate the presence of gastrointestinal problems;
  • atypical skin rash, inflammatory foci, boils;
  • hair loss.

The lungs and heart are most often affected by the withstood coronavirus disease. Their ability to obtain oxygen from the air and transfer it to all organs and systems is reduced. Weakness, shortness of breath, persistent drowsiness even after overcoming the virus are common symptoms of the post-Covid condition.

For a complete recovery, the body needs help.

Restoring the process of normal oxygen supply to the body is one of the main tasks in the rehabilitation of patients who came through COVID-19 and have complications related to the respiratory and cardiovascular function.

One of the most effective rehabilitation techniques is breathing therapy with controlled oxygen feed. ReOxy therapy is part of COVID-19 recovery programs in many clinics around the world. Physicians note the positive results of its use confirmed by the results of clinical trials.

AirDOC patients can also experience significant relief with this advanced physiotherapy technique. It is advisable to start recovery procedures as early as possible after cure of COVID-19, because the longer the body suffers from a lack of oxygen, the more the function of all organs and systems is disrupted. Rehabilitation can begin immediately after the quarantine period (14 days from the date when the first symptoms appear OR a positive COVID-19 test result is obtained).

Recovery program after COVID-19: a set of measures to return to a healthy life

  • Immunologist consultation

  • Pulmonologist consultation

  • Therapist consultation

  • Psychotherapist, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, neurologist consultation (if necessary)

  • ReOxy therapy (usually 10 sessions)

  • Spirometry

  • Pulse oximetry

  • Electrocardiography

  • Abdominal ultrasound examination

  • Pulmonary ultrasound examination (if necessary)

  • Laboratory diagnostics:

  • Determining the level of antibodies to COVID-19

  • General blood test

  • Test for С-reactive protein (CRP)

  • Coagulogram and test for D-dimer

  • Test for vitamin D level

  • Test for ferritin level

  • Biochemistry panel: liver tests, kidney tests + rheumatic tests (if necessary)

Do not ignore the consequences of the disease, do not assume that you can “put up” with them!

Everything can become “as before”, and even better. Contact us today and see for yourself as soon as possible.

The procedure of interval reoxytherapy

  • The patient sits down in a chair and puts on an individual comfortable breathing mask.

  • The patient inhales air with a reduced oxygen content through the mask at normal atmospheric pressure in an intermittent mode, when periods of hypoxia (10-14%) are alternated by periods of hyperoxia (35-40%). This is a kind of simulating an ascent uphill followed by a rapid descent, but the “ascent height” and the duration of stay “up in the mountains” are selected individually taking into account the body’s reactions to hypoxia.

  • ReOxy therapy is based on the patented SRT technology that ensures calculation of parameters according to the individual indicators of the patient’s vital functions in real time during the procedure. Based on a preliminary analysis (breath test), ReOxy automatically calculates individual load parameters and maintains them throughout the entire procedure.

  • Blood oxygen saturation and other vital parameters are measured by sensors throughout the entire procedure. If the oxygen level in the tissue drops below certain individual values, the oxygen content in the air inhaled by the patient automatically increases.

  • The total duration of the procedure is 30-60 minutes. Significant relief can be felt already after the first procedure.

Procedure effect:

  • strengthening of all body systems;
  • increased work efficiency;
  • improved sleep quality;
  • improved memory and attention;
  • positive psycho-emotional changes;
  • noticeable relief in chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma;
  • decrease in the number and duration of angio-seizures;
  • improvement of myocardial functions;
  • reduction of arrhythmia episodes;
  • blood pressure decrease.

Returning to normal life after COVID-19 is real. We made sure that you can get all the help you need to achieve this.


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Rehabilitation after covid 19

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