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It is possible, necessary and real to live without being distracted by allergy!

Getting rid of allergy means enjoying smells, nature walks, delicious food again.

Dismiss the outdated myths that “allergy is for ever”. Instead, trust modern evidence-based medicine and have faith in your powers!

It is really possible to identify the allergy causes and get rid of it for good. You will be able to breathe deeply and feel free!

The AirDOC Clinic for Allergology and Immunology is a team united by common values and goals.

An allergy is always a complex problem. Therefore, a long-term qualitative effect can only be achieved through a holistic approach to diagnostics and treatment.

Our powerful clinical team consists of allergists, immunologists, pediatricians, pulmonologists, gastroenterologists and dermatologists. Among them are recognized experts, opinion leaders in their field, and lecturers of specialized departments of postgraduate education.

Our values

  • • Integrity
  • • Transparency
  • • Coordinated clinical solutions
  • • Evidentiality of methods

Our mission

Introducing an effective and comprehensive allergy treatment in one clinic by combining the experience of experts in related fields with modern technology.

The quality and full value of life of our patients is our number one priority.

Our goal

Ensuring both relief of allergic symptoms in patients and a long-term treatment effect.

Thanks to our approaches, people get a new quality of life free from restrictions, without a long list of prohibitions, without second thoughts about allergy.

“Concern for the patient is the life work of our family that includes three generations of physicians. It is also the main factor that unites the AirDOC team.

Our format is an open clinic. This means that we are in constant partnership dialogue both within the team and with our patients. Only in an open clinic is the process of diagnostics and treatment transparent and manageable, and the result is predictable and sustainable for the patient.”

Liliia Ivanivna Romaniuk,

allergist, pulmonologist, Doctor of Medical Science, co-founder and medical director of the AirDOC Clinic

“In our philosophy, a physician is the patient’s partner on the path to recovery. Clear explanations, joint decisions, advice on everyday aspects of life, empathy and care are our main principles.

Treatment should be a conscious and calm process, a path to convalescence and recovery. We established the AirDOC Clinic with this purpose in mind.”

Anastasiia Levchenko,

allergist, gastroenterologist, Doctor of Medical Science, co-founder and CEO of the AirDOC Clinic

We helped start a new life without allergy for more than
10,000 patients

We engaged in the Clinic team
7 Doctors of Science

To help our patients, we rely on
30 years of experience

Why you should trust the AirDoc Clinic?

  • We treat allergies in adults and children.
  • Through joint efforts of the experienced team, we find effective clinical solutions.
  • We do not avoid difficult, protracted and “too much doctored” cases.
  • We specialize in treating patients with previous failed treatment attempts.
  • An allergy is always a complex problem. Therefore, experts in different fields work at our clinic in unison. Our focus is not only on allergy symptoms, but also on all concomitant conditions.
  • We thoroughly investigate what is the cause of the allergy in your specific case. We offer a comprehensive solution taking into account your complaints, the duration and characteristics of your “allergic history”, test results and your lifestyle.
  • Our prescriptions ensure both symptom relief and a lasting long-term effect.
  • An illness, especially so exhausting like allergy, means stress. The treatment process should be comfortable. Stress relief is one of the important factors in this process. We have taken into account every detail in our clinic, and created it with love and thought about the convenience of those who will be here.
  • All of our prescriptions are based on evidence-based protocols and not on physician’s assumptions or “personal preference”. This ensures rational use of the time and funds of patients, avoidance of many risks and transparency of arguments at every our step.
  • We apply the most up-to-date treatment protocols that are part of clinical practice at leading medical facilities of Europe and the U.S. Our physicians are constantly improving their knowledge and skills. The clinic hosts a training center, a space for professional communication in the “from physician to physician” format.

One of our tasks is to inspire the patient to recover, creating conditions in which our patients can feel that everything around them contributes to recovery, and actively participate in this process. Every detail matters, so we took care of all the fine details while establishing our clinic. There are no trifles when it comes to people’s comfort.

We, physicians of the AirDOC Clinic, have extensive experience and many grateful patients.

AirDOC is the place where we help at the highest level those who have entrusted us with their health. We provide high-quality and comfortable medical care.

The greatest joy for us is to see how faith gradually develops in the patient in the course of treatment. Faith in oneself, faith in recovery, faith in a new life. Sometimes we are approached by persons who are almost completely exhausted by the disease, often after previous unsuccessful attempts at treatment. And after a while, they tell how their lives are changing, how they begin to allow themselves things that have been banned for them for a long time due to allergy. This is the main point of a physician’s work. It is for this that we work, study, develop and join efforts.


Quality treatment is always teamwork.

We do it with love, with attention to every detail, with a deep understanding of our pursuit and with a sincere desire to help! The main idea of the clinic is an integrated approach to the patient’s health.

There is a life without allergy! We are there for you to make sure of this.

We will always help!

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