Helminths - Клініка алергології та імунології AіrDOC


Not infrequently manifestations of urticaria, Quincke’s edema, wheezing, itchy skin, dermatitis cause worm infestations. Take a test to determine if you have a problem with this problem.

Do you eat lightly salted fish or caviar?

Do you eat lard with streaks of meat?

Do you eat wild meat?

Do you eat undercooked meat (such as kebabs)?

Do you eat fresh herbs, berries, vegetables, fruits that have not been previously scalded with boiling water?

Do you walk barefoot on the grass?

Do you fertilize the garden with manure?

Does your family have pets?

Have you had any cases of parasitic infestations at school or kindergarten?

Do you buy smoked meat, fish at the market?


You have no helminths.

Your risk is minimal.

You should go through a cleaning program.

We recommend to urgently adopt a program of cleaning from parasites and then – 2-3 preventive courses during the year.

Change your habits.

It is time to change habits, get tested and, at least, take a preventive antiparasitic course.

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