Allergic rhinitis - Клініка алергології та імунології AіrDOC

Алергічний риніт

Do you have such symptoms?

Symptoms cover only one half of the nose

Nasal congestion when no other symptoms are detected (eg runny nose)

Thick greenish or yellow discharge from the nose

Mucus flows through the back of the nose (down the throat) / or there is profuse runny nose

Pain in the face

Recurrent nosebleeds

Disorders of the sense of smell

Do you have the following symptoms for more than an hour almost daily throughout the year or almost daily during flowering plants?

Sneezing, especially seizures

Closing the nose

Itchy nose

Red eyes, watering and drilling


If there is purulent discharge and (or) discharge from the back of the nose, but no runny nose, sinusitis can be suspected, which may be a complication of allergic rhinitis.

We recommend that you consult a family doctor or specialist.

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